Meet The JRD Warriors – Emma Bramley

The Warriors are what make JRD the most supportive personal training community that there is. They are the people who achieve amazing things and help contribute to the friendly and motivating atmosphere.

Emma Bramley has undergone and outrageous transformation. She’s slim. toned and ridiculously strong. She’s a record holder too – no one has beaten here 117.5kg Hip Thrust at JRD. She also does a mean Husky impression. Look!

Emma has kindly agreed to write about her experiences as a JRD Warrior from her very first visit right up to the present day. Do you want a sneak peak at what happens behind the mystical doors of JRD? Then read on…..

“I’m one of these people who has tried every diet going, had memberships at numerous different gyms and even hired a personal trainer after having my second child. But nothing has really helped me with maintaining a happy weight and body.

It was by chance a friend of mine had liked JRD Fitness on Facebook and I thought I’d take a look. I contacted Jason and explained my situation and my limited time to train due to family commitments, but he assured me he could work around that, so we arranged a meeting.

I went along to the gym and met up with Jason. He explained all about how JRD worked and what he would do for me. He also asked lots of questions about myself and what I wanted out of it. I came away from the meeting feeling very excited and couldn’t wait to get started.

The first week I received emails and videos from Jason explaining lots about nutrients, food diaries, water intake and many other important aspects which many people don’t consider or get told about when joining a gym. My first gym session was brilliant, hard work, but brilliant. Yes, I ached afterwards for a few days, but overall I felt great.

I can honestly say I still love each and every training session at JRD. Jason is an excellent trainer and caters every session to each individual member. I have gone from never having lifted weights in my life to now lifting some very heavy stuff. I’ve lost more weight, become stronger and I’m seeing muscle tone which I love.

I do have a pre existing back injury which has caused me considerable pain for many years. But I trusted Jason and what he was wanting me to do and now I can happily say that, after over 10 years, my back pain has eased massively. Of course it will never be completely right and there are certain things I’m just unable to do but it’s never a problem, I give it a go and if I can’t do it then Jason finds me an alternative exercise or way of doing things.

Jason is not only there to help you whilst you’re training, he is always there to help with any queries about food and nutrition.

It’s not only Jason that makes JRD what it is, it’s also the members I train with. Everyone is so warm and friendly that it makes every session not only a work out, but a good laugh too!

Being part of JRD is amazing. It has not only made a huge difference to my body but to my confidence as well.

If anyone is thinking about joining a gym, wanting to improve their fitness, lose weight or just feel better about themselves, then JRD is definitely the place to join. Other gyms may have rows and rows of fancy state of the art expensive equipment, but what they all lack is the personal touch that Jason gives. You’re not left to just get on with it, you are shown how to do it

properly, watched to make sure you’re doing it right, continuously encouraged and pushed (in a good way) to make sure you are reaching your goals.

I can’t recommend JRD enough.”

Personal Training in Middlesbrough will never be the same again. We will set new standards. The days of boring, unsupportive gyms and bootcamps are ending, and it’s thanks to Warriors like Emma.

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    Thanks for doing this Emma (y)

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