Not Your Normal Gym

“I wish I had joined JRD sooner as it would have saved me over 20 years of yoyo dieting ,struggling with my weight and failing to get fit.

Since joining JRD I have dropped 3 stone, gained strength and the confidence to push myself to achieve things that I would never thought possible.”

These are comments written by Rebecca who is a member at JRD

Rebecca needed a very specific environment to feel comfortable in and to help build her self confidence. By making JRD a fun, friendly and supportive place we have helped Rebecca achieve an amazing result of losing 3 stone and transforming her body whilst becoming more confident

We’ve managed to do this because we aren’t your typical ‘personal trainers’

We are friendly and motivating but we don’t scream at you, forcing you to do 1 more burpee whilst holding back the sick

We teach you new skills and guide you to perform new exercises but don’t just throw random stuff at you to make you exhausted

A big thing for Rebecca achieving her results is consistency, and she’s been able to be consistent over a longer period of time at JRD because she enjoys being here

It helps so much to enjoy your time in the gym when it comes to getting great results, and this is why we create our own special style of personal training which focuses on you achieving great things in a fun, safe and motivating environment

It’s worked for Rebecca, and continues to work for many more

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