Scales Giving You Nightmares? This Will Help

Standing on the scales, not liking the number thats looking back at us, throwing the toys out of the pram and having a blow out with food and drink

Been there and done that!!

But there’s something that we can do to avoid this blow out and keep on pushing towards great results

Here’s the thing – the number on the scales isn’t the be end and end all

So to avoid this trigger lets focus on our actual size and how we look as a measure of progress, rather than just scale weight. This isn’t easy though with a lot of shake diets being available to you at the minute which are really tempting

They show quick weight loss and are really simple to follow – you cut out a meal or 2 and just drink a shake

It’s so tempting to take this option – it’s quick and it’s easy

Sadly though results that are seen on a shake diet are not what people actually want. Yes weight is lost quickly, but it’s not fat loss – it’s a loss of water and stored sugar in our muscles and unfortunately this will always come back to haunt us leading back to square one

You may have done this before, and its totally understandable as the quick and easy results are so tempting

There is so much that can affect our weight on a daily basis which has absolutely nothing to do with our size or how much fat that we have, so to use it as our main measure of progress isn’t always the best idea

If you have followed a diet, it hasn’t quite worked and now find yourself back at square one we wanna help you by mapping out your next steps to get back on track towards slimming and toning, so here goes:

  1. Find out how much food/calories you should be eating (I’ll do this for you if you like, just contact us)
  2. Get 80% of these calories from healthy food and treat yourself with the other 20%
  3. Eat a little more protein
  4. Begin to exercise regularly including the gym and just general activity like walking
  5. Track your measurements and judge your progress using changes in your appearance
  6. If you use the scales then bare in mind that its normal for your weight to fluctuate on a daily basis

So lets escape that feeling of ‘I’m done’ that we can get from a bad number on the scales, understand that there’s a lot of things that affect weight that have nothing to do with our size and appearance, and focus on the overall picture.

The steps are laid out for you you’ve just gotta follow them

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