Strength Training – More Than Just Building Strength

At JRD Fitness our Warriors are coached through the highest quality personal training plans that focus on strength training. You may wonder to yourself why do the JRD Warriors focus on strength training? Well thats because, other than helping them become so much stronger and fitter, strength training has so many amazing benefits.

To give you a much better idea of the benefits that strength training has on you, 3 of the JRD Warriors have each shared 3 benefits that they personally have experienced as a result of being coached through their strength training plans at JRD Fitness.

Rebecca Foreman

1. Strength training has given me a can do attitude instead of my old can’t do attitude. Getting encouraged to try things in the gym that you may not think that you can achieve can be a little scary at first, but when you do that first squat or bench press you get a real buzz. You then know you can achieve amazing things.

2. Body image boost. Strength training has helped me to lose weight and change body shape. I now know that I can buy clothes that are a smaller size and I think that I look good.

3.Confidence. if you look good you feel good about yourself. Strength training has helped my confidence grow and I now act more confidently in any surroundings.

Nadia Hussain

Apart from getting so much stronger, the benefits i have also seen from strength training are:

1. Keep off the weight: i have lost inches all over my body and my muscles are nicely toned. It has helped my posture, balance and coordination.

2. Helping my bones: I struggled a lot with my knees and i tried everything, but nothing helped. I even went to physiotherapy but even that didn’t help! Since starting strength training it has really helped. It has strengthened my muscle and I don’t have any pain anymore.

3. Improved energy levels. I feel great, I have a lot more energy and sleep a lot better. My overall quality of life has improved because of strength training.


Emma Bramley

Other than making me a lot stronger, strength training has given me the following benefits:

1. Has to be the massive improvement in my back pain. It has gone from needing help most days getting up from a sitting/laying position due to the excruciating pain to now most days having very little or no pain at all!

2. I’ve lost weight and seen my body shape change for the better, it’s toning up which has increased my body confidence.

3. My flexibility and balance has increased and now at the age of 37 I can bend straight down and touch my toes. Although this may not seem like much, it’s something that I have never been able to do!

Strength training comes with lots of benefits, so much so that it has improved the quality of Rebecca, Nadia and Emma’s lives.

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