Warrior Habits – Tracking Nutrition

In our quest to offer more support and guidance than any other gym can even dream of, at JRD we work really closely with all of our Warriors to help develop 7 healthy habits. Just like the 7 Deadly Sins will put you on a 1 way ticket to the pits of Hell, the 7 Warrior Habits will have you dancing down the yellow brick road to a new you.


This week the Warriors have begun to work on developing a brand new habit, and it’s a biggun. For 2 weeks the main focus at JRD will be to track nutrition.

“What does that even mean” I hear you ask? It means to keep a record of everything that we eat and drink. If it goes down the hatch it needs to be tracked, and here’s why. Calories are the number 1 factor when it comes to weight management. Whether you wanna lose weight, gain weight or stay the same weight, if calories are not managed then achieving your goal is gunna be made more difficult. Imagine baking a cake without using scales, or staying alive on bonfire night whilst wearing a shell suit. It’s not impossible to achieve your goal, but it’s made a whole lot harder.

A quick side note before we embark upon the journey of learning how to track nutrition – calories are numero uno when it comes to weight management, but the quality of your food is mega important to good health, so tracking your nutrition isn’t a free ticket to eat what you want. Basically, eat your fruit and veg.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way lets dive head first into how to track nutrition. There are different ways to keep a track of your diet, but at JRD we’ve found one particular way stands head and shoulders above the rest. Just like Ben and Jerry’s stand head and shoulders above all other ice creams, My Fitness Pal offer the most comprehensive and accurate nutrition tracking. And it’s an app on your phone which is free.

It’s pretty easy to use too. You enter what you eat and drink and it will tell you how many calories you have eaten that day, as well as a load of other useful stuff like the nutrient breakdown of your diet. This will help the Warriors learn about what foods are high or low calorie, what different nutrients are in certain foods, how much food they should be eating for their goal, and a tonne of other really handy things which going forward, are going to give them a real boost towards their goals.

For the next 2 weeks the JRD Warriors will be bombarding me with their nutrition records aiming to stick to their personal calorie target. Yes, I know the other gyms don’t do this, but we understand that the diet stuff is pretty important, so we work damn hard to support the Warriors on this front.

Do you want to follow the Warriors down that yellow brick road that I mentioned earlier? I’d absolutely love to help you out so feel free to comment below or fill in the contact form and I’ll send you over your very own personal calorie target and together we can begin building your healthy habits.

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