Welcome To The Members Area

Hi and welcome to the members area of JRD Fitness. It's great to have you here as a really important member of the JRD Fitness community.

You should have already received an email from me which includes your welcome pack and nutrition guide. If you haven't the check your junk mail. But just incase you want another copy of your welcome pack just CLICK HERE

Diet Review

As an important member of JRD Fitness you are now entitled to a monthly diet review. During this review we will sit down together, either in person or over Skype and take a 30 minute in depth look at your current diet to highlight the progress you have made and evaluate how your diet is effecting you. We will then set new dietary targets for the month ahead

To arrange a diet review you must book a spot by completing a really short form. I will then contact you to arrange a date and time, and also maybe a place - it's nice to get out of the gym and you may even find yourself with a cup of coffee!

To book your diet review CLICK HERE

Lets Get Started On Your Nutrition

Diet is a really important part of living a healthy and happy life and by adopting a healthy and sustainable diet you will make amazing progress towards becoming slimmer, stronger and happier.

Nutrition is a confusing subject. There seems to be all sorts of different things to think about - no carbs, high carbs, fat free, full fat, Adkins, Cambridge, Paleo......nothing makes any sense anymore and I completely understand why you may be a little confused and at a loss as to how to eat healthily.

This short sequence of videos are going to change that though. We are going to work together to clear everything up so that you know all of the basics needed to achieve amazing results.

Here's what you need to do........

Follow the steps below in order - watch each video and complete any tasks attached

Then ask any questions or for any help that you feel you need to make sure that you are completely clear on what you have just learnt

You can post any questions into the members Facebook group HERE, or if you'd prefer you can contact me privately

I PROMISE you that once you have completed these steps healthy nutrition will be much more clearer and seem much more simpler than before

Now, without further ado.....

STEP 1 - What Even Is A Healthy Diet?